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Post your ship builds
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29th Oct 2013

Hello as we have a lot of new members in the fleet lately I think the elder experienced members could post their build here. I'll start myself

KDF Tactical : Chel Grett Warship : http://www.stoacademy.com ... ild=snakebiteiv_4991

KDF Tactical : Fleet HoH'Sus : http://skillplanner.stoac ... ?build=torengor_4991

Fed Tactical : Fleet Patrol Escort : http://www.stoacademy.com ... d=shootingstarc_4991

Fed Tactical Defiant Retrofit : http://www.stoacademy.com ... d=shootingstarb_4991

Fed Tactical Jem'Hadar Attack Ship : http://skillplanner.stoac ... d=shootingstard_4991

Fed Engineer Defiant Retrofit : http://skillplanner.stoac ... ld=starfreedomb_4991

Rommie Tactical Fleet Mogai : http://skillplanner.stoac ... /?build=vtirexv_4991

Rommie Tactical Fleet T'Varo : http://skillplanner.stoac ... build=vtirexvii_4991

I'll add other build when I have them done on stoacademy
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