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2nd Division Under New Leadership
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23rd Mar 2014

Hail, Warriors of the Empire!

Most of you know me either as the dastardly Feddite tank, Dai, or as Zillah. 

Recently, Zillah's been promoted to lead the 2nd Division under KHG Leader, Jawz.  I'd like to take this opportunity firstly to say that I hope to push the 2nd Division to a fully constructed fleet with the same sort of focus and tenacity as displayed by all KHG leadership.  Secondly, a thank you to Roadius to kept the fleet going with honour and dedication, and lastly, to point out some of the upcoming changes, and why they're coming about. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm intending to sort out the bank, change the promotion requirements and get the fleet project queues adjusted to get the Spire and Starbase completed in the shortest time possible while maintaining good levels of provisions.  On that last point, provisions, we're currently sitting with over or near 100 provisions in all categories, so provisions projects will be slowing down as we don't require them currently.  Having a functioning bank should help new toons brought into the fleet to progress more easily, and properly structured promotion hierarchy allows people to progress through the ranks, earning access as and when it is appropriate. 
There will be further comments on changes specific to the needs of the fleet as they come about.

One thing we do need though, is dilithium.  On this very important and scarce resource, I'd like to point out an example to everyone who would like to earn FCs, fleet promotions and gain fleet equipment. 
So, you're looking through the dilithium store at weaps while in a fleet with a fully upgraded Mine. 
Mk XI purps cost ~20K ('cept Spiral disruptors, at ~40K)
You look through your reputation stores.
Mk XII purps cost ~20K ('cept Rommies, at ~25K)
You then look at your fleet weaps.  Combined between FCs and dilith...
Mk XII Ultra rares with 4x modifiers ~30K. 

Exchanging dilithium for fleet creds by way of projects is like a down-payment on your equipment buying, with other commodities provided to projects effectively giving you a discount on your purchases.  Dilithium for fleet credits is hugely worth it.  Even giving over 1K of your refinement per day keeps the fleet moving forward to access for higher tier equipment, ships, etc. 
Please keep this in mind when contributing to projects. 

Act with integrity and respect.  Receive honour and glory. 

Fleet General of the Klingon Honour Guard 2nd Division. 
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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